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Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss: Redemption Time

Let's just watch some dang football.

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If you're not ready for this game, then we're sorry: you should find a different hobby. Winning cures defeatism, so jack up your Hate-O-Meter with this rant from Brother Chuck on the RCR Hate Week Thread:

Alright listen up you low-rent, off-the-rack, faux riche douchebags.

Mississippi is Louisiana without the culture, Tennessee without the natural beauty, Arkansas without the dental coverage, and Alabama without the lofty education standards. The only thing worse than being Louisiana or Alabama is being the flyover country between them. The entrance exam for Ole Miss is just being too stupid to keep driving in any direction to get the fuck out of that state.

It’s not all hate though, there is some respect. Aggies consider it an honor to have as many SEC championships in the last 50 years as a storied program like Ole Miss. I saw the Book Of Manning, and it’s a real shame that Archie didn’t have any daughters that Eli could crank out a few more Ole Miss recruits with. Coulda shored up the ranks without costing the boosters a vestigial arm and a leg with six toes.

Pork barbecue is what men feed to the elderly, infirm, small children, and anyone else without the constitution and wherewithal to appreciate superior meats.

And this?

Your shining moment, the thing that you are most proud of and known for on earth? You take the fine china, doilies, and chandeliers and put them out in your front lawn and then tell everyone that you are throwing a grand party and all are invited. That’s what my grandma was doing when we all agreed to put her in a home. You know who doesn’t do this? Anyone with actual money. If you have to tell people that you’re rich and high class, you aren’t.

You are all Ellis from Die Hard, and everyone was glad when Hans finally shot that sniveling little fuck in the face.

You buy your boat shoes at Target, motherfuckers.


See you on game day.

And remember: this isn't the hate week thread. Comment well and be nice.

Until it's time to not be nice.