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Audio and transcript: Nick Saban compliments Texas A&M's 12th Man

Nick Saban on Kyle Field: "I hope our fans can hear this because this is the kind of place we should be."

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Listen to Nick Saban's comments about the 12th Man

Jump to the 42:52 mark or click this link to skip ahead.

If you prefer to read Nick Saban's comments about Kyle Field and the 12th Man, I've transcribed them below.

I’ll say this about Texas A&M and I appreciate this and I hope our fans can hear this because this is the kind of place we should be. This is the first place we played for a long, long time that we never got booed when we came out... first place.


I’m telling ya, it’s a really nice facility they have at 105,000 people and they cheer their tail off for their team, alright, and they made it hard for us to play.


You talk about loud, you talk about affecting the game... I mean their fans really did affect the game. And it says a lot about our players to keep their poise and focus when they got the momentum of the game... for us to get it back and continue to play through it and stay focused on the things we need to be able to do to overcome it.

There you go. Nick Saban keeping it classy by praising the 12th Man and shaming his own fans in the same discussion.