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Daily Bull 10.22.15

"We were bored, there was nothing going on.
Might as well stay at home and drink until we pass out again.
Then drink some more when the morning comes.
Memphis was sinking into the Mississippi.
We were doing our best just to ride it down."
- Drive-by Truckers

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports



Have you ever heard of anyone who drank while he worked? You're thinking of Faulkner. He does sometimes -- and I can tell right in the middle of a page when he's had his first one.

- Ernest Hemingway

I mentioned it earlier in the week, but Mississippians are quite proud to claim William Faulkner. No matter that the lion's share couldn't name a title of any of his work - let alone be expected to actually read. This is kind of how many Texans are with Lonesome Dove. Anyway, my good palski Doctor Norris Camacho has a strong command over the English language and totally gets the rhythm and cadence of southern/western literary legends. Yesterday he released his latest installment of Faulkner-inspired work, Penalty Flags in the Dust. It is a delight.

SPEAKING OF DOCTOR CAMACH'. He went on Red Cup Rebellion's podcast to talk ball and the upcoming game. A true gentleman - with taeks!

A QUEST THAT ISN'T SCI-FI? HELL YEAH. I'm an adult with a healthy relationship with my father, so no, I didn't get excited with the Back to the Star Wars Future kerfuffle. I'm evolved, you see, in that I get all wound up and invested in a game played by 18 year olds. TOTALLY different. There is a QUEST for the playoff right now - and A&M is alive. Our man whoopy examines. There are still references to a nerdy film series. Trilogies and -ogies in general - the worst.

PULSE: ELEVATED. Another episode of The Pulse was released last night. BEWARE: PTSD is likely from sixes picked. I'll tell you where I got HOPE and got JACKED though, gang:

  1. Chavis addressing the defense before last week's game
  2. Sumlin addressing the team right after a miserable loss
This team has ALL its goals right in front of them. Want to fall off the bandwagon? Get a dog.

Have a bang-up Thursday, y'all.