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Smash a Metal Elephant with a Baseball Bat Before the Alabama vs. Texas A&M Football Game

Thanks to one group of Aggies, you can literally beat the hell outta Alabama before the game on Saturday.


TexAgs user aeroag14 posted photos of a sheet metal elephant that will be present in College Station this Saturday. The intent is to have Aggies bash on the effigy with a baseball bat before the football game.

This sheet-metal elephant will bring a new meaning to BTHO Bama

Aggies are really channeling their Alabama rage constructively this year. It turns out that this elephant will be at a tailgate "on the East side of the Reed Arena parking lot (across from the Rec)" which happens to be near the GBH Tailgate. Maybe they'll let us take a couple of swings.

image source: aeroag14 and TexAgs

BTHO Alabama!