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Best of TAMU Police Tweets

The best tweets from @TAMUPolice in 2015.

The Texas A&M University Police Department twitter account has mastered the art of slimming down a police report into a 140-character tweet, many reminding us of our best and worst times in college. Here are some of the best tweets from 2015:

Probably not the best answer, though.

At least this guy showed the first guy that any problem can be solved.

I guess this guy got to participate in a blow out either way. I'm guessing his was around 0.14.

His buddy should've also told him that the Winn-Dixie closed in 1997.

Well that's not very good at all.

Well I guess that's a "6," then.

"My license? It's right there on the back of the car, man."

At least the last guy handed the cops something car-related.

We should probably have the TAMU Police see if they can help out the concessionaires by finding hot dog buns back there after halftime, too.

There needs to be an app out there to help guys like this. Something for drunk dudes who just need another dude to crash with for the night, for guys reciprocally interested in dude rendezvous.

"The road goes on forever...."

If you're a current student, make sure you take them up on the free bicycle engraving they offer every few weeks. Follow @TAMUPolice on twitter for details, and if you find yourself in a situation where they're arresting you, try to be both polite and tweet-worthy.