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Daily Bull 10.1.15

Chain lightnin', frightnin' as it may seem,
Must not be mistaken for just another dream.
Justice of peace don't know his own fate,
But he'll go down in the shelter late.
- The Band


Adidas Black Ice Now Available!

We all oohed and aahed over the uniforms Aggie Football will wear on Halloween. Now you can purchase several items from Adidas' 2015 Black Ice collection at Aggieland Outfitters.

That hat above watches UFC and crushes Michelob Ultra.

DUST OFF THE PROJECTOR IT'S FILM TIME. For whatever reason, Ags have spent a lot of time being fixated on the offense's performance against Arkie last week. How about the defense? They were only on the field for 40 minutes Saturday night. Well saddle up, pardner. We have a seat at the Chavis dinner table where I can only imagine that wild game and sarsaparillas are on the menu each evening. Yes, C. John Chavis - son of THE John Chavis - breaks down the film. I love this shit. MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A CORCH.

CHATTING BALL WITH DMN KATIE. Friend of GBH, Katie Hairopoulos, held a chat yesterday about Aggie football. She has some solid, reasonable taeks regarding the run defense and [gulp] kicking game.

AN OBJECTIVE SEC FAN TALKS AG O. Our buddies over at Team Speed Kills weighed in on the A&M offense. I think we can all agree that the flow of that game was quite unusual.

CLANGA CASTING. Doctor Norris Camacho was kind enough to go on the podcast of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls to talk... well, stuff. Tune in for a diagnosis!

SMH @ SUITS. A few weeks of blissful, dadgum peace had gone by where we didn't have to hear from the A&M Board of Regents (ideal), so naturally, one of them had to blow some hot air. Tony Buzbee took to Facebook (seriously, these are REGENTS of a world class university) to taek:

I am going to advocate that the Aggies play Texas again in the near future. Because of our brutal SEC West schedule, where we play the likes of Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, etc., the Aggies need some cupcake games to rest and heal. In my view, Texas is just as weak if not weaker than the non-conference games we play, so we may as well play them.

OH HO HO HO. Nailed 'em, Buzzles! If you need an example of how out of touch these stiffs are, just consider how lame and tired this joke is. Again, what are chancellors and boards of regents good at? Expensing lunches, kissing ass, promoting their #brand, and evidently finding microphones and mouthbreathing journos. Humor is so far removed from their DNA. Buzbee channeled the dimmest TexAgs poster (or employee tbh) with this zinger.

Now, I will credit Buz with this - he DOES want to play the game. Good bull. But my God, these suits are horrible at trolling. Check out how he justified his Facebook post which was probably jammed between a gun control meme and a Huckabee endorsement:

Now, that being said, if a ‘t-sip’ was offended, that’s just too damn bad.

Can we please play this game? I can't go on with these useless barbs from hacks that would never get rec'd in the GBH comments.

ANOTHER WORD ON TEXAS. You know, we're missing some ripe years to kick their ass. They're struggling, gang. And they're losing their damn minds. CONSPIRACY style. Waft in this glorious schadenfreude from the weekend.

How do we know you care? Because many of you tell us how much you don't care. Oh, and we have the traffic numbers for this site. Like moths to a flame, y'all just eat up content that slights our historical, forever rival. This is a good thing. Football is fun. College football hate is fun.

Gig 'em.