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Famous mustaches in Aggie history

A sampling of significant soup-strainers.

New Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator John Chavis (pronounced Shave-is?) brings with him one of the strongest track records of success in the SEC - and more importantly - one of the best mustaches in all of college football. He brings instant credibility to A&M's mustache game, an area where the program went over the handlebars in recent years.

So with Chavis' upper lip now residing in Aggieland, we take a look back at other famous mustaches in Texas A&M history.

R. Bowen Loftin

Former Texas A&M President Loftin will forever be remembered as the man who made Texas A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference a reality. Loftin's "100-year decision," along with his signature mustache and bowtie, will endear him to Aggies for generations to come.

Stephen McGee

If you only followed Stephen McGee during his time at Texas A&M, you likely remember him how he looks in the above photo: A clean-shaven, all-American guy whose says "bullcrap" and runs the option to the short side of the field. But in recent years, McGee's look has gotten a bit more...... rural.

Lawrence Sullivan Ross

photo via Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M

Sully was the 19th Governor of Texas, a Confederate States Army general and the seventh president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. His facial hair lives up to those distinguished titles. Today, he stands frozen in Carbonite on Texas A&M's campus, and students give him spare change in hopes that he can one day afford the thawing procedure.

Kevin Murray

photo via Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M

Kevin Murray was a quarterback in the 80s, when having a mustache was as mandatory as going to class and wearing acid-washed jeans (see also: Gary Kubiak). The big question is, will his son Kyler who is committed to play at A&M have the courage to bring back the trend?

The entire 1976 roster

texas A&M program

So when is New Army gonna grow the facial hair to match the uniforms? (This program may have been embellished.)

Carl Torbush

While Torbush's tenure as defensive coordinator was wildly unsuccessful, he did give us the GIF that defined Aggie football for the better part of a decade.

Daniel Mengden

Aggie Pitcher Daniel Mengden struck out 94 batters in his final season at A&M, but he hit a home run with this mustache.

Alex Caruso


B.J. Holmes

B.J. Holmes played in 130 games in his four years at A&M, helping lead the Aggies to the NCAA Tournament every year. For his career, he shot just under 40 percent from three-point range, but his mustache cool factor held steady at 100 percent.

Do you have a favorite Aggie mustache that we missed, or is there an Aggie you think needs to grow one? Let us know in the comments.