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New Kyle Field's Fiber-Based WiFi Network

Kyle Field should support 100,000 concurrent WiFi connections next season.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Stadium Tech Report provides a bunch of juicy details on Kyle Field's new networking infrastructure which we can all geek out over. In a summary article of the College Football Issue, explains that fiber installations are relatively new in stadium deployments with Texas A&M leading the way. So what can we expect?

With a Wi-Fi network designed to support 100,000 concurrent connections, a robust DAS network with more than 1,000 antennas, and an IPTV deployment with more than 1,000 screens, the IBM-designed network based largely on Corning’s fiber-optical systems is incredibly impressive on paper – and it has already produced some eye-popping statistics this past season, when just a part of it came online during the "Phase 1" period of the two-phase $450 million Kyle Field renovation.

The final, or Phase 2 of the renovation, just now getting underway, began with an implosion of the stadium’s west stands, with reconstruction scheduled to finish in time for the 2015 season with a new, enclosed-bowl structure that will seat 102,512 fans. And if the new network delivers as planned, those fans will be among the most-connected anywhere, with plenty of future-proofing to make sure it remains that way for the foreseeable future – thanks to fiber.

Make sure you read the full article for all of the gory details, and let us know in the comments section below how annoyed you are already that the students will spend all game posting selfies on Instagram.