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Daily Bull 1.29.15

"Squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave her, get to her, try, try / Just try a little tenderness, ooh yeah yeah yeah / You got to know how to love her, man, you'll be surprised, man / You've got to squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave / You've got to hold her and rub her softly / Try a little tenderness, ooh yeah yeah yeah" - Otis Redding... talking crootin'

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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Commemorate the Aggies win at the 2014 Liberty Bowl with this official Adidas t-shirt for $21.99.

CHOOSE YOUR CROOTIN' ADVENTURE. GBH's oscarwildecat shows us the BEST and the WORST ways things could unfold if you're an Ag fan over the next week. BEST? A whole lotta 5 stars that are Aggieland-bound. WORST? A&M drops the football program and we all die alone and naked.

COACHING ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED. The brains at Football Study Hall took a peek at which college football coaches overachieve and which ones underachieve based on a particular metric. For what it's worth, Sumlin is in the upper crust.

NEED A SUPA BOWL ROOTIN' INTEREST? Take a long, hard look at Ag Michael Bennett. The guy is an oracle of badass and hilarity. Seriously - go read this piece from the Seattle Times. Topics include - his wife's booty, the Patriots' sex timing, and how he goes through life looking damn good. Gig 'em, Mike.

KEY AND PEELE DO FOOTBALL NAMES. This is a damn treat.

WE DIG Y'ALL. Check out this coffee table.

Have a bang-up Thursday, gang.