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Daily Bull 1.2.15

"I woke up early Sunday morning, had myself a piece of toast / Had fifty dollars in my pocket, gonna chase myself a ghost / Went down Camino Espinoza, gonna get me a divorce / Gonna split with all my money, see that girl who loves a horse / It's New Year's Day here on the border, and it's always been this way / I never do the things I oughta, think I'll stay, it's New Year's Day..." - Charlie Robison

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YESTERDAY WAS A GOT DAMN HOOT. Who would have ever guessed? More than two teams with an opportunity to prove their legitimacy on the field of play was a grand idea and a helluva lot of fun? Why I never.

Bully on Oregon for beating the living hell out of the most loathsome, villainous football program of the last 25 years.

Congratulations to Ohio State for playing physical, fast, and for thoroughly out-coaching one Nick Saban.

Spencer Hall has the notes of what we witnessed yesterday.


As a league, we got our asses straight handed to us. And you know what? You need to grin and bear all the jokes and bravado from the rest of the country. SEC fans are insufferable monsters - present company not excluded. The big, bad, deep Lords of Football The SEC West got destroyed in bowl season. Here's why it's all going to be OK:

  1. The B1G is finally becoming interesting again and this is good for college football and good for the SEC. We need this North/South hatred and dichotomy.
  2. The SEC will be fine. The pockets are too stuffed and the talent pool too deep for there to be a legit narrative that THE SEC IS DONE. This league will always have one or two teams in the Playoff.
  3. If you're an A&M fan, a massive part of you should be ELATED this week. A marginalized, dinged, and mortal combo of Auburn, LSU, and Alabama is GOOD for your interests. Dial down your blind fanboy love for the SEC and have some foresight for your true heart - Texas A&M football. I'm quite pleased Alabama lost. Those dicks embarrassed the hell out of us in 2014. Let them suffer. I saw a Bammer team last night that is ripe for the picking when they come to the Hate Barn this year. We just stole LSU's insanely coveted defensive coordinator. That's right - just up and took him. Screw LSU. Auburn cheats. The Mississippi schools shat their own beds during the best year each of them has had in decades.
  4. The point is this - channel some of your S-E-C gushing flattery and self-love into some serious HATE for these teams. Finally. Share that hate in the comments. A&M won it's bowl, grabbed one of the best defensive minds from a rival who poaches our great state's talent, and our annual competition is reeling. Oh, and the worst team in our humbled division destroyed Texas.
I leave you with a personal resolution - I'm not going to ever chant S-E-C until Texas A&M is in the victory formation in Atlanta and subsequently in the College Football Playoff. We haven't earned it yet. I can't wait.

Enjoy the games today. Gig 'em and Happy New Year.