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Initial Reaction: Aggies edge the Bulldogs

We learned a great deal about our Aggie Hoops team against Kentucky on Saturday. We then unlearned it because learning is stupid. It all worked out.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend was an attempt to balance positive signs against a devastating loss. It was a tough chord to strike. This is the diametric opposite. We came out flat against the worst team in the SEC, yet we still did just enough to prevail.

In truth, the middle 36 minutes of this game were an absolute trainwreck. But let's start at the top.

1) Both teams started the game by scoring points on purpose

This game was weird and made no sense, so we will express our emotion through the majesty of gif links.

Everything we thought we knew was a lie. The Aggies started the game 5-6. Mississippi State started the game 4-8. There were nineteen total points before the first media timeout.

Offensive sets were happening and the scoreboard was counting up in increments of two and three. Everything was coming up rosy.

2) Both teams looked at their logo and panicked

And it created one of the most fascinating displays of basketball I've ever seen. I'm not talking fascinating in the traditional sense. I'm talking "there are two bums fighting in the street but I probably shouldn't get involved but I also can't look away" fascinating. Like, rooted to the spot fascinated.

I wish I could tell you that this went on for a few minutes in the first half and then teams started playing basketball again. But no. No, no, no. This was the next 33 minutes of game time. The next 70 minutes of our lives.

This was #SECBasketballFever. Highlights included:

- An attempted alley oop that hit the top of the backboard and bounced straight up in the air

- A dropped rebound that led to an open layup that was then missed before said player fell down

Two total points from the A&M bench

I will not give this game actual basketball analysis. This game will take recaps in gif form, and it will like it.

3) At the end we had a little ol' thing called ALL OF THE POINTS

Spoiler alert: A&M closed the game pretty well at the line. We broke our 33 minute slump 90 seconds before MSU, which allowed us to build a small lead. A lead we protected by going 13-18 over the final two minutes from the stripe. Mississippi State kept hitting threes, and we would have had a interesting situation if the free throws weren't there.

Sure, the free throws were part of the problem early. But those were the dark times, and they shall not be spoken of again. Special thanks to @TellStevens, @spadilly, @OneTAggie, @MatthewLadd, and @FeFiFoFamby for their various forms of gif-infused inspiration during the game. Misery loves company.

Also, you must watch this: Danuel House hits a ridiculous three-pointer over a defender