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Way Too Early 3015 Top 25

Ironically, Ohio Penal #132 got robbed in this "way-too-early" poll.

Gaming History

We know, we know, the season just ended. But is it ever really too soon to look towards the next millennium of lazy college football pageviews? Here's an early look at a projected Top 25 for the 3015-16 season:

1 University of Alabama at South Bend

2 Ohio Penal #132

3 North Carolina T&A

4 Texas A&M - Qatar

5 Mars Colony IV

六 Peking University of Austin

7 Marijuanaville

8 Lifetime Network Fragile State

9 Starfleet Academy

10 DeVry

11 Bear Bryant School of Football, LLC

12 Miami (Rhode Island)

13 Dallas Suburb State (Sooners)

14 #State

15 District 541 Specialized Uniform Center

16 Cooking Channel Lite (Knoxville)

17 Texas Scientologist University

18 Best Western

19 THE Urban Meyer University (Utah)

20 Metropolis of Rutgers

21 Florida Man University

22 Havana Police State

23 Iowa Agricultural and Metaphysical

24 Ganymede Vocational

25 Clemson