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Mississippi State Preview/GameThread

With only 72 hours to recover from Saturday's gutsy effort, Texas A&M welcomes the lowly Bulldogs (7-8; 0-2 SEC) to Reed Arena (8:00 PM; SEC Network)

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We're done with Kentucky. For a quick reaction full of angst, click here. For a more measured reaction 36 hours later that somehow has even more angst, click here.

There, on to the next. Let's play a quick game of perception vs. reality:

Perception: Texas A&M is 0-2 in the SEC and should feel very sad and probably shouldn't get dessert.

Reality: Alabama might have their best team in years and Kentucky is Kentucky. It's a brutal start to the schedule.

Sure, that 0-2 start isn't pretty; but it's not the end of the world. We have the worst team in the SEC coming to our house, and it should be the perfect antidote. Of course, it goes without saying that a loss would be disastrous. But I'm choosing to ignore that timeline. For it is the darkest timeline, and it should not be troubled.

Back to the light, everyone. Relax. I'm not even going to give you three points this time. We only need one:

1) Mississippi State laughs at our road ineptitude

If we were playing a poker game of SEC road beatings, we'd probably stay in through the turn and watch most of the conference fold. But across the table, we'd see the Bulldogs. We'd bet a ten point loss, and they'd raise to twenty. We'd counter with a 1-8 SEC road record last year, and they'd just laugh and toss in a gold Rolex of eighteen consecutive road conference losses.

Seriously. Eighteen in a row. Count 'em.


  • Loss by 15 (Tennessee)
  • Loss by 26 (Arkansas)
  • Loss by 18 (Ole Miss)
  • Loss by 25 (Florida)
  • Loss by 12 (LSU)
  • Loss by 8 (Alabama)
  • Loss by 30 (Kentucky)
  • Loss by 7 (South Carolina)


  • Loss by 22 (Kentucky)
  • Loss by 19 (Alabama)
  • Loss by 19 (Ole Miss)
  • Loss by 6 (Vandy)
  • Loss by 20 (Texas A&M)
  • Loss by 10 (Auburn)
  • Loss by 11 (LSU)
  • Loss by 19 (Missouri)
  • Loss by 21 (Georgia)


  • Loss by 25 (Florida)

Of those eighteen losses, only three were by single digits. So let's not complicate things. Attack the basket and rebound with even half the tenacity we had this Saturday, and we'll put one in the W column.