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John Chavis' Development of Defensive Players into NFL Draft Picks

How successful has John Chavis been over his career in putting his players in the NFL?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Since John Chavis agreed to become Texas A&M's next defensive coordinator, we've heard a lot of chatter from fans of Texas, LSU, and Tennessee that he is not a recruiter. @JamesHess decided to look at Chavis' effectiveness at putting players in the NFL as the ultimate barometer of both recruiting and player development competence. Since Chavis' career spans 25+ years, we should be able to get a clear picture. Hess gathered the data you see below from He posted the results on (Premium) before sharing the data on Twitter.

72 defensive players coached by Chavis have been drafted since 1989, about 3 per year. Over the same time span, Texas A&M had 41 defensive players selected in the NFL draft. The table does not include undrafted free agents, so all players who saw NFL action are not accounted for in the data.

School Year Player Position
LSU 2014 Ego Ferguson DT
LSU 2014 Lamin Barrow LB
LSU 2013 Barkevious Mingo OLB
LSU 2013 Eric Reid FS
LSU 2013 Kevin Minter LB
LSU 2013 Bennie Logan NT
LSU 2013 Tyrann Mathieu FS
LSU 2013 Sam Montgomery LB
LSU 2013 Tharold Simon CB
LSU 2013 Lavar Edwards DE
LSU 2012 Morris Claiborne CB
LSU 2012 Michael Brockers DT
LSU 2012 Brandon Taylor SS
LSU 2012 Ron Brooks CB
LSU 2011 Patrick Peterson DB
LSU 2011 Kelvin Sheppard LB
LSU 2011 Drake Nevis DT
LSU 2011 Lazarius Levingston DE
LSU 2010 Perry Riley LB
Tennessee 2009 Robert Ayers LB
Tennessee 2008 Jerod Mayo ILB
Tennessee 2007 Justin Harrell DT
Tennessee 2007 Turk McBride DE
Tennessee 2007 Jonathan Wade CB
Tennessee 2007 Marvin Mitchell LB
Tennessee 2006 Jason Allen DB
Tennessee 2006 Parys Haralson DE
Tennessee 2006 Omar Gaither LB
Tennessee 2006 Jesse Mahelona DT
Tennessee 2006 Kevin Simon LB
Tennessee 2005 Kevin Burnett LB
Tennessee 2004 Gibril Wilson SS
Tennessee 2003 Eddie Moore LB
Tennessee 2003 Julian Battle CB
Tennessee 2003 Aubrayo Franklin DT
Tennessee 2003 Keyon Whiteside LB
Tennessee 2003 Rashad Moore DT
Tennessee 2003 Demetrin Veal DE
Tennessee 2002 John Henderson DT
Tennessee 2002 Albert Haynesworth DT
Tennessee 2002 Will Overstreet DE
Tennessee 2002 Andre Lott CB
Tennessee 2002 Dominique Stevenson LB
Tennessee 2001 Eric Westmoreland LB
Tennessee 2000 Shaun Ellis DE
Tennessee 2000 Raynoch Thompson OLB
Tennessee 2000 Dwayne Goodrich DB
Tennessee 2000 Darwin Walker DT
Tennessee 1999 Al Wilson MLB
Tennessee 1999 Corey Terry DE
Tennessee 1998 Terry Fair CB
Tennessee 1998 Leonard Little LB
Tennessee 1998 Jonathan Brown DE
Tennessee 1997 Ray Austin DB
Tennessee 1996 DeRon Jenkins DB
Tennessee 1996 Shane Burton DE
Tennessee 1996 Scott Galyon LB
Tennessee 1996 Steve White DE
Tennessee 1995 Ron Davis CB
Tennessee 1995 Ben Talley LB
Tennessee 1994 Shane Bonham DT
Tennessee 1993 Todd Kelly OLB
Tennessee 1993 Dave Thomas CB
Tennessee 1992 Dale Carter CB
Tennessee 1992 Chris Mims DE
Tennessee 1992 Chuck Smith DE
Tennessee 1992 Jeremy Lincoln DB
Tennessee 1992 Darryl Hardy LB
Tennessee 1991 Harlan Davis DB
Tennessee 1990 Marion Hobby DE
Tennessee 1990 Tracy Hayworth LB
Tennessee 1989 Keith DeLong LB

(h/t Manchild50 on TexAgs and @Leotis97)