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Around The SEC - Week Two

Some weeks in the SEC you get Ali-Frazier. This week we were treated to Tyson-Spinks.

Frederick Breedon

This week SEC coaches were allowed to hit the EASY button.  What makes the SEC different is that when our conference teams engage non-power conference teams in annual pay-for-slaughter matchups, the fans actually get to relax and experience a slaughter.

/looks at B1G scores

Oh.....oh my.

Lets recap the carnage:

Alabama 41 -  Florida Atlantic 0

What we learned:  Jake Coker isn't the second coming.  Amari Cooper is a beast (we already knew that), and Lane Kiffin will likely lean him a la 2012 Marquis Lee (118 receptions, 1741 yards, 14 TD)

Curious Stat:  Florida Atlantic actually stopped Bama twice in the red zone.

Missouri 49 - Toledo 24

What we learned:  Maty Mauk might be what he was billed to be, throwing for 5 TDs and 325 yards.

Curious Stat:  Not much out of the ordinary here.  Just a traditional SEC bonecrushing after Missouri decided to stop toying with their prey.  Did you know that Pinkel used to coach the Rockets?  That seems like forever ago.  Quick, who was the Missouri coach prior to Pinkel, I bet you can't name him in less than ten seconds.

Kentucky 20 - Ohio 3

What we learned: Kentucky continues to improve.  The SolichCats usually roll out a solid team.  Also, Patrick Towles' dual threat effort (170 yards passing, 59 rushing) will probably keep heralded QB recruit Drew Barker on ice for the year.

Curious Stat: Kentucky's defense might be legit.  They held Ohio to 223 total yards and 2.6 yards per carry.

Arkansas 73 - Nicholls State 7

What we learned - Arkansas can win a football game.  The win was the Hogs' first since September 14, 2013 over powerhouse Southern Mississippi.

Curious Stat:  Tough to look into such slaughter, and Nicholls State is bad at football.  Still, Arkansas did not crack 200 yards passing.  Also only converted 3-6 third downs.  We know the Hogs can run, I'm a bit surprised they didn't use the practice week to develop their air attack.

Florida 65 - Eastern Michigan 0

What we learned - Kurt Roper is a definite upgrade over Brent Pease.  Rolling up the most points in Coach PUNCHO's glorious tenure.  Still, it was the defense that really shone, holding the Eagles to 125 total yards.

Curious Stat -  Don't get carried away by the gaudy score.  QB Jeff Driskel looked solid, but only averaged 5.5 YPA and the Gators didn't have a runner crack the 100 yard barrier.

LSU 56 - Sam Houston 0

What we learned - Anthony Jennings is getting better and it appears that the Tigahs are committed to him as their starter. True fish Brandon Harris still seems to have trouble grasping the offense. Don't feel bad Brandon, Joe Flacco couldn't understand it either, and he's ELITE.

Curious Stat -  One again, Travin Duval had a monster game, and is LSU's most potent receiver.  His 94 yard reception was the longest in LSU history.

Mississippi State 47 - UAB 34

What we learned - That preseason consensus sleeper pick Mississippi State is probably not any better than they were last year.  A program that struggles with a team like the Blazers (whose situation was so bad that last year's coach Garrick McGee left to be Bobby Petrino's offensive coordinator) are not threats to win the toughest division in football.

Curious Stat - UAB outgained the Bulldogs, 548 to 516.   WOOF indeed, Dogs.

Ole Miss 41 - Vanderbilt 3

What we learned - This was last week's news, but I can confirm that Vanderbilt is indeed very terrible.  The Rebels rolled from the outset in a complete domination in every aspect.

Curious Stat -  This is more morbid than curious, but Vanderbilt QB Stephen Rivers completed less than 25% of his passes.  That's bad.

Auburn 59 - San Jose State 13

What we learned - Not much.  The Tigers just ho-hummed their way to victory, but their defense can be a bit leaky at times against the pass.  They dominated against the run, but allowed the Spartans to complete several long passes.

Curious Stat - Nick Marshall had more yards rushing (103) than passing (101).

Tennessee 34 - Arkansas State 19

What we learned - Like Kentucky, the Volunteers look much improved and continue to benefit from back to back stellar recruiting efforts.  The bottom of the SEC is not as soft as last year.  The Red Wolves will contend for the Sun Beast title, and this gives the Vols back to back wins over solid mid major programs.  They will be tested later, but optimism has to abound in Knoxville.

Curious Stat - The Vols averaged only 3.7 yards per carry.  The young offensive line will have to perform MUCH better if UT wants to have a chance against its SEC foes.

South Carolina 33 - East Caroina 23

What we learned - It's just worth saying:  South Carolina is not a Top 10 team and never should have been.  Still, Cocky pulled out a victory over a solid Pirate squad, despite being outgained.  The Old Ball Coach's squad hasn't found its rhythm yet, and it doesn't look promising for next week against Georgia.

Curious Stat - If you looked at the box score by itself, you would probably think East Carolina won the game except for two stats:  ECU's 2 turnovers to USC's 1, and the fact that the Gamecocks had the ball for almost 13 minutes more than the Pirates.   While the offensive landscape of college football has shifted, when two teams playing old school football tangle, TOP actually matters.



1.  Auburn -  Nick Marshall drives the bus for this team.  If he plays well, they can beat anyone.  That defense still needs  work though.

2. Bama - Accomplished everything they set out to.  The Process rolls along.

3. A&M -  Got everything they wanted out of the Lamar game:  huge stats, reps for backups, no major injuries.  Hopefully we can manage the same result this week.

4. LSU - I have to admit, I was very impressed with the Tigers this week.  A thoroughly dominating performance from the outset.  As the Tigers offense matures, they will grow more dangerous.

5. Ole Miss - Hugh Freeze has his team on track, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

6. Mississippi State -  I said last week that they stay here until they beat someone good.  They didn't help their case by struggling with UAB.

7. Arkansas - Hey THEY WON!  In my stupid upset pick of the week, I have the Hogs beating Texas Tech next week.


1.  Georgia - Bye week.  They have to feel good about this week's contest against the Gamecocks struggle to contain the Pirates' offense.  Just give Gurley the ball.

2.  Florida -  That defense is good.  Hargreaves may be the best defensive player in the conference.

3.  MIssouri - Consistently consistent.  They move up because South Carolina moves down.

4.  South Carolina - Not a bad team, but they don't look like a good one either.  I don't like their chances against the Bulldogs this week.  Personally, I give them one chance in three.  More tea, anyone?

5.  Tennessee - Improving, but young and very thin along both lines.  Worley is not a good enough QB to carry them if they can't run the ball.

6.  Kentucky - Tough to tell how much they've improved, but taking care of business so far.  Defense looks sneaky good.

7.  Vanderbilt -  I have nothing nice to say.  So I won't say anything more.