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I'm really sleepy. And I've had a lot to drink. Bear with me.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

73 points. And honestly we left points on the board. 
Our leading rusher was Brice Dolezal....a walk-on RB.

Not much to say about this game. We did what we were supposed to do. And maybe it's unfair to not have much to say about doing what you were supposed to do. I mean the spread for this game was 40+ points, and we covered it easily. That's pretty impressive, no matter who you're playing.

Let's break this down and then go to bed.


Clicked well, I thought, for the most part. Kenny looked solid in the first half, and every time I started getting frustrated with him, he pulled together a drive that lasted a blink of an eye and ended in 7 points. Kyle showed why perhaps he needs a bit more seasoning with that pick he threw, but damn, the kid has a live arm. Solid enough outing by our QBs.

RB-wise, Trey Williams showed us why he'd average 100+ yards per game at any other school. Kid's got moves. Also, the future is bright with James White. How about the youngster? After sitting for so long, I'm sure it felt great for him to stretch his legs a bit. Last but not least, Lamar got Dolezaled, but in some sense all of us got Dolezaled because he was your leading rusher and had the late TD to put A&M up a full 70 points.

WRs were fantastic. Speedy didn't quite break out, but showed his potential. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in the SEC should be scared. RSJ is a cyborg, and Malcome Kennedy is like a sexier version of the geyser Old Faithful. You can count on him to always impress. I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore because it's so late. [editor's note: we have no idea what that analogy means but it's staying]


We held them to 243 total yards. 40-some odd in the second half. 4 or so passing in that second half. So yeah, it was a good defensive performance. I know it's Lamar, but still. Good day.

Front 7 were great. There are not enough synonyms for "where have you been all of my life" for Myles Garrett. Elite first step. Elite finishing. Finished with something like 3.5 sacks this game, which is about where our leading DL finished last year sack wise. Yeah. Read that again. It's true.

Side positive note, it was in garbage time, but man it was great to see Justin Manning play with fire. Really hoping the light comes on for the kid, because the talent is there.

LBs were good. Jordan did a great job directing traffic and I thought he did incredibly well reading plays and moving with the line to make tackles. I like him and you should too.

Seems like the secondary struggled early, but I'll point you to the total number of passing yards they got in the second half. Need to clean up communication issues, but we'll be ok.


I'm tired, and I've had a lot to drink. Tonight was a boring and satisfying game, and we did what we were expected to do. Winning a game by 70 and still thinking that you could have played better is a damn good place to be.

Goodnight and BTHO rice.