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Aggies vs. Lamar

We're finally opening up the half-built New Kyle Field.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Gameday, folks. Join us here to discuss the game as it happens. If you're not in attendance, here's how you can watch/listen/enjoy. If you're wondering what all that new-fangled stuff is around Kyle, the Daily Bull has you covered. And if you still aren't fully TURNT for the game, READ THE ALL CAPS PREVIEW, PLEASE. THANK YOU.

So take it away, y'all. Here's to a good, solid game with no injuries. Lamar is Lamar, but they're still a football team and they'll play hard. Here are the transfer Cardinals who have played at FBS programs. Keep an eye out for these guys:

  • #32 Anthony Beard, LB, SMU
  • #3 Devonn Brown, RB, Fresno State
  • #14 Rex Dausin, QB, Houston
  • #1 Carl Harris, RB, Memphis
  • #81 Caleb Hobbs, WR, Houston
  • #11 Kevin Johnson, DB, Oklahoma State
  • #35 Joe Okafor, DL, Oklahoma State
  • #5 Mark Roberts, WR, Houston

Happy game-watching! Party in the comments.