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Daily Bull 9.5.14

"Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music... Is the only kind of life you'll ever understand... Dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music... You'll never make a wife to a home-loving man..."

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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WE'RE GOING TO SHOVE YOUR SAND BACK DOWN YOUR DADGUM THROAT. South Carolina is proud of their use of the "song" "Sandstorm". So loud and hip over the stadium speakers! Scary, too. Well, we got your damn Sandstorm, Cocks. We're even cranking it in practice now. It serves as positive reinforcement for curbstomping opponents.

CAPS MEANS BUSINESS RAGE. String is here to inject bile, vitriol, and hate into your soul so you're ready to kill tomorrow. It's the ALL CAPS PREVIEW.

FAT AND GIGGLY. The new Hate Barn is going to be serving all sorts of cuisine aimed at getting you into a dialysis club membership quickly including fried hot dogs. Scope out these pics. Don't worry, you won't be having to hike anymore to get your foodstuffs because we'll have escalators. Hope the structural engineers are good.

HEAD ON A SWIVEL. From last night's game at the Alamodome:



I FEEL YOU, EAZY. By trade, I'm an ad man. I fashion myself as a young Donald Draper - or, better yet, Roger Sterling - but I am basically Ken Cosgrove right now. A lackey for clients and my bosses and you, dear readers.

BTHO Lamar.