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Longhorn Meltdown: Texas A&M 35 - 28 Arkansas

Would the Longhorns root for Texas A&M against their rivals Arkansas?

Tom Pennington

Here's a quick sampling of the 15-page gamethread over on Shaggy Bevo. These poor guys can't catch a break.


The A&M defense is like the digestive system of the golden goose.
$#@!ing glorious.
Poor aggy
Glad to see aggy qb gets slammed hard.
Holy $#@!! Arky holding steady
By bye lmfao!!##
$#@! Aggy. $#@! Aggy Forever. And ever.
Scared my dog I was laughing so loud.
Let's go troll texags like they troll here. Disposable emails people.
A&M is who we all thought they were before the south carolina game. No defense. Kiffin will set Sumlin on fire.
Let the tears of aggy misery flow!!
Kenny Hill is so $#@!ing overrated.
Dumplin will be the Dallas head coach next year.
So funny. So predictable.
Aggy will lose 3 games this yr and it will be "The GREATEST season EVAR!"... again.
Arky pushing Aggy's $#@! in.
Thass okay, Arkie run it down their gomer poopers again now.
A&M is about to find the stupidest way to $#@! up this drive.


Dumb fu k has cost them 14 called for the hold on the TD that called back too.
Arky going full retard..
Christ Arkansas is $#@!ing dumb as $#@!ing $#@!. Good lord.
Why the $#@! wouldn't you run it straight up the middle and make it a straight shot field goal?
You stupid $#@!ing whore bitch!
God $#@!ing damn it Arkansas you're still Arkansas.
Damn, arky just $#@! the bed
this game is rigged
Someone is being paid
$#@!ing arkansas idiots
Of course Arky $#@!ed this up. Drunk beats fat any day of the week
both SEC teams automatically default to Nat'l championship game due to greatness of not getting being defeated.
$#@!ing $#@!
what a joke. SECSECSEC!
Stupid $#@!s. Just $#@!ing stupid.
Beilema can eat a $#@!.
storm the field....they beat an unranked team. aggie football.
Aggy is so $#@!ing overrated. They definitely have a few losses coming to them.
Just came here to say $#@! everything. That is all.
Well, that was a kick in the nuts.
Just tied a big old bow on and handed it to them. That's just sad. F**k aggy.
Best pray you don't lose a game before you play the Aggies. Otherwise you'll find yourselves on the wrong side of a lot of "questionable" or "50/50" calls.
$#@!in Manziel.