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We're back in the Spaceship again to square off against the Hogs, trying to erase the three straight losses before Sumlin arrived

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Bob Levey

Good Saturday to you. If you have been living under a rock or on a 56K modem, there's a bit of good news this morning: Speedy Noil will be suited up and ready to play, according to Bruce Feldman, who is the finest of college football reporters. Oh you thought he wasn't playing? Sorry, Razorback fans. The real impact isn't necessarily at wide receiver, but in the return game. Noil is a threat to take one all the way every time he's back there.

Oh and if you're into faincy uniforms and such it appears we're wearing our white helmets this afternoon. You may remember these helmets from such games as South Carolina 2014, Alabama and Ole Miss 2013, Alabama and Missouri 2012, and the Oklahoma Cotton Bowl.

Well, 2/3 of the GameDay pickers had copious amounts of HATERADE this morning, with Dez and Kirk making the hipster pick and going with Arkansas. Thankfully, we still have The Sunshine Scooter in our corner to maintain some sanity and pick the Aggies to win. Blah blah run the ball blah. Whatever.

As always, be cool in the comments and let's enjoy some more Aggie Football, even if it's being played in a soulless shrine to artificiality instead of on a college campus. It could be worse: we could have Kenny Chesney playing a special concert for us.