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Aggies vs. Rice Owls

Tonight's game is on ESPN2 at 8:00 Central. Here is an ESPN2 channel finder if you need it.

Scott Halleran

Howdy, all. Another Saturday, another bunch of questionable weather. No matter, we'll be hanging here at the GameThread no matter what, and we'll provide all the updates you can handle. So grab your refreshment, flip on the telly (here's how and where to watch, by the way), and soak up some Rice action.

To recap, here are a few of the hot topics from the week, along with some of today's storylines:

  • Rice rushed for over 300 yards on us last season. We do not like that. We want this vastly improved defense to crush them at the line of scrimmage.
  • The MOB will perform for the first time at Kyle in a long time. They make fun of stuff. We Aggies are sometimes overly sensitive. So it's a pretty safe bet that someone's gonna be complaining in 2055 about whatever they do today.
  • Vanderbilt came from behind today to squeak by UMass at home. That's our SEC East roadie next season, y'all.
  • Arkansas rolled into Lubbock and piled up well north of 400 rushing yards against Kliff's iffy defensive front en route to a 49-28 win.
  • South Carolina looked like a different defense against Georgia in the first half and pulled out to a 24-13 lead. They held on to beat Georgia 38-35.
  • Texas and UCLA are playing right now in Jerryworld.