Texas A&M Changes Re-entry Policy

As we reported on earlier this week, Texas A&M did not allow fans who left during the weather delay to re-enter the stadium, and updates given during the 2 hour 5 minute delay were sparse and uninformative.

Tonight, KBTX reports that Texas A&M is changing that by allowing re-entry to the stadium during any future delays, and committing to update announcements every 20 minutes.

Caruso said, "We will evacuate the stadium if the stadium is is in imminent danger, and it really wasn't.

However, Caruso adds they should have communicated more with fans.

"I think we would provide more information on a more timely manner with some of the updates even if some of the updates are nothing has changed," he said adding while they hope this never happens again, everyone at Kyle Field will be ready and prepared to handle it if it does.

One new policy A&M plans to put into place is to announce updates every 20 minutes, and athletics officials say if there is ever another weather delay, fans will be allowed to leave and re-enter the stadium without any difficulty.

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