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Daily Bull 9.10.14

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

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GET READY TO ASK US ANYTHING. For better or worse, we're doing a reddit AMA this afternoon at 2:00. So don't forget about us when the TAILGATE comes out. Read it, pontificate, have a nice lunch, and think about what you'd really like to know. Otherwise we'll be forced to answer the letters that our Facebook crowd has mailed in.

THE LEAGUE. Don't forget to catch up on the top performing Ags in the NFL from the first week of action. (The J-Train GIF is large and beautiful.)

Looking back: one last farewell to Lamar on the Podcast. You were good sports. Sorry about that rain delay thing. And Lucas Jackson recaps all the manic, depraved SEC action from Cupcake Weekend. Enjoy!

A man of focus. Yesterday was presser day, and of course the media was all up in Spav's business about being the next head coach at SMU. So he told them to chill out, y'all, 'cause he's got a football game to plan for. I hope we can lock him down for at least the 2015 season, because that team is gonna be...yeah.

Good Rice Bull. The Owls' starting center and senior captain wasn't sure if he'd ever play again after suffering a gruesome injury last season. Now he's back in the starting lineup after a ton of hard work and perseverance. Best of luck, Matt.