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Interview with Aggie Dance Team Member Kailey Claborn '14

At GBH, we never shy away from the hard-hitting interviews. Kailey Claborn explains her appearance in the SEC Network animation that was released this week.

There were polarizing reactions to yesterday's unveiling of an SEC Network animation for Texas A&M. The very short clip features an Aggie Dance Team member holding a flag at Kyle Field. Yes, this upset some people somehow.

Facebook Comments

We caught up with the flag bearer herself, Kailey Claborn '14.

Did you know in advance that you were going to be featured on the SEC Network graphic elements?

I had no idea. My friend saw it on the internet and sent me the link. It was very exciting!

Do you remember at which game that photo of you was taken?

I can't remember which specific game it was. We held flags at every home game last year, so I am not sure which game that photo is from.

What did you think when you read the comments on Facebook?

There were a lot of people that didn't agree with having my photo on the graphic. I had no idea my photo was being used, so I just decided not to take any of the comments personally. I can understand both sides of the argument, but I am still very happy that Aggie Dance Team is being recognized as an important part of Texas A&M.

What's the deal with Facebook?

I don't really use my Facebook that often anymore. Instagram is my favorite social media site now!

What are you looking forward to with the new Kyle Field renovations?

I am so excited that they are completely enclosing the stadium and giving it a "bowl" shape. Aggie football games have always been so loud, but now it will be even louder and more exciting to go to the games! I wish I was still a student and could enjoy the stadium every home game, but I will still come visit and cheer my Aggies on from the alumni side!

How will the dance team be featured this year at football games?

Since I graduated this past May, I am not exactly sure what the Athletic department has planned for the dance team this year. I was very lucky to be on the team last year when we were first welcomed to Kyle Field.

What's your favorite Aggie tradition?

I have two traditions that I love about A&M. I love how we have yell leaders that lead us in different yells at various sporting events. It is so amazing hearing our "Aggie voice" at football games. It makes you feel like you are part of a giant family. My second favorite tradition is the Aggie ring. I couldn't wait until my Aggie Ring Day, and I haven't taken off my ring since. I am proud of my school and I love wearing my ring everyday to show where I came from.