SEC Coaches Make Anonymous Comments on Texas A&M Football

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Athlon Sports every year records some anonymous comments from SEC coaches about their conference foes. Let's take a quick look at some of the comments made about the Texas A&M football program.

"They had really young guys on defense, so the biggest deal with them was they weren’t very big and got knocked off the ball up front. Even when they were decent in the secondary, you could run the ball in between the tackles. As long as those guys have started growing and continue to develop, you won’t be able to do that."…

No argument here. Alonzo Williams is a prime example of a young guy playing out of position last year as a defensive tackle. Williams has bulked up this offseason and is reportedly around 290 pounds. That will help him hold his position in 2014.

"They’ll be good on defense. Mark Snyder got a lot of flack last year because people put up some points but he’s a good coordinator. He’s going to get those guys in position to make plays."…

Mark Snyder is a good coordinator? Aggie Twitter would disagree, and isn't Aggie Twitter is always right?

"What’s going to kill them is losing not only Johnny Manziel, but a couple of really good receivers and the Jake Mathews kid."…

Kroy Beirmann found out recently that Jake Mathews isn't just some kid.

"I don’t know if their offense will have enough firepower – they’ll always be pretty good under Sumlin, but losing a guy like Evans, he was a playmaker. Losing him will really hurt them."…

Have you met Speedy Noil?

"Last year they had a safety that was terrible, defensive line wasn’t good, really nobody on defense. Those studs they had in 2012, four guys that were difference-makers. When those guys left, there was nobody."…

The sad thing is I'm not even sure which safety he is referring to.

"Sumlin has always been a good recruiter. They’ll get good young players. How soon can they be ready to play is the question? They’ve stockpiled a lot of skill guys and some talented defensive front seven guys the last two years so we’ll see if they can emerge."…

We're all counting on it in 2014.

You can read all of the comments here, which include someone calling Alabama an 8 win team, Auburn being the best team in the West if they develop a passing game, coaches taking shots LSU's defense, and Ole Miss possibly being the 2nd best team in the SEC West.

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