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GAMETHREAD: Texas A&M vs. South Carolina

It's just about that time, folks.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's time. If you haven't yet, read today's Daily Bull to remember why we get like this at the end of August, fidgeting, checking the clock every few minutes, and playing out countless scenarios in our heads. Tonight is new territory: we debut on a new network against brand-new rivals forged on the statehouse steps and the halls of the internet. Tempers and frustrations have us frayed and desperate for an actual game. This is that game.

We are lucky this year. We get to end this two days before everyone else, and we get to do it on a huge stage. Everyone's gotten their talking points in (including us, of course) and all TAILGATES are in full swing.

But for all that, there's just one thing that we need to do: just relax. Loosen up. It's a game, and our guys are going to take care of their assignments. Take a page from Coach Price and dance a happy dance. We're about to watch Aggie Football.