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Aggie Family House Fire Fundraiser for the Halls

Let's help this Aggie family get back on their feet.

Mark Hall was born and raised in Bryan and had just this spring accomplished his lifelong dream of graduating from Texas A&M. He and his wife Kirsten had just started their post-graduation life together, choosing to stay here in Aggieland. This past Sunday, August 17th, Mark and Kirsten Hall's home caught fire and completely burned down, taking virtually all of their belongings including their automobiles.

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The story of the fire can be seen here on the KBTX website. In addition, Kirsten was pregnant at the time of the fire and as a result of the stress, she went into early labor while outside in the street. Their baby girl, Naomi, was born the next morning. The Halls are currently without a home to bring their baby to and had no renter's insurance (and only liability insurance on the vehicles) to help them recover from this tragedy. It is our goal to help them get back on their feet by raising enough to help them replace what they have lost.

The fundraising goal is $50,000. Friends of the Hall family and their community are about 40% of the way there at the time of this post. Let's get them the rest of the way to the goal.

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