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Daily Bull 8.14.14

"Two pretty blondes in a Porsche... their bumper says "We Love LA"... they look pretty fair, but they're crazy out there, and they'd just as soon blow you away... You got in some trouble in high school... but you feel like a new man today... you keep to yourself because anyone else would just as soon blow you away..." Robert Earl Keen, Jr. - two muthascratchin weeks until football, y'all

Grant Halverson

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ASSES: TAKE YOUR COUCHES. IT'S HERE. Relax. You needn't feign love and interest in your loved ones any longer. The SEC Network launches today and your schedule is now full. Forever. The media fix you clamored for is here. Feel the warm embrace.

GET YOUR ASS TO YELL THOUGH FIRST FOR NETWORK STUFF. There is Yell Practice to help with all the SEC Network ballyhoo TODAY at 12:45 PM by Paul Bunyan's Aggie Ring. Be there or be square.

LINKIN' IT AGAIN. Bill Connelly's Texas A&M preview from yesterday is thorough, detailed, and dadgum superb. It's a must-read for any good Ag. We'll probably win somewhere between 2 and 10 football games this year. #taeks

OH MAN THERE'S A GAME IN TWO WEEKS. And o hai here's a preview from over at the mothership. Defense enthusiasts need not click.

JOURNO POLLS. Preseason polls from journo rags aren't worth the internet paper they're shat out upon, but it gives us some good fodder. Like a Buzzfeed listicle on what cat breed you'd be. Here's FOX. We're unranked. Horns are ranked. Get yer ropes. Here's Sports Illustrated. They're kinder.

A&M GEAR WITH A SPECIAL SURNAME. I'll spare you the legalese and boredom of what's been going on with the lawyer stooges and NCAA. One of the takeaways is that you'll get to buy some Ag swag with Manziel's actual name on it soon.

THIS IS BAD ACE. You may have seen this by now, but friend of GBH Bruce Feldman was in Lubbock earlier in the week (T&P) and paid a visit to dream friend of GBH, Koach Kliff. In his office, KK has the play call sheet from the 2012 Bama game.


18 year old YOU is still slogging through college choices in the Power 5 conferences. You're doing great! Here are the leaders so far:

SEC (non-A&M): Vandy

Pac-12: Stanford

B1G: Michigan State

Today, we're going Atlantic, gang.