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Daily Bull 7.3.14

"I gave up the fast lane for a blacktop county road... Just burned out on all that talk about the motherlode...I traded for a songbird, a bigger piece of sky... When I miss the good old days I can't imagine why Still I get restless and drive into town... I cruise once down Main Street and turn back around... It's crazy but God knows I don't act my age... Like an old desperado who paints the town beige" - Robert Earl Keen, Jr... Football in Columbia eight weeks from today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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FIRST THING I WAS TAUGHT IN BUSINESS SCHOOL. If your brand needs eyeballs and publicity, take your brand baseball bat to a hornet's nest of Aggies and start a scrape. We're in the dog damn days of offseason, you see, so we're talking trademarks. Smarmy agitator and general dickweed Keith Olbermann put A&M on his "Worst" listwhich I can only imagine is double secret probation in the eyes of the narcissist cable personality clinging to relevancy. Ags are a calm, measured bunch, so I'm sure Olbermann's house hasn't been burned down just yet. Our pal spadilly goes law/business on your ass here.

MACK TRUCK BE CROOTIN. Daylon Mack's verbal to the Ags has been proclaimed as "shaky" by recruitniks at different junctures of the process. Mack Truck just keeps rollin' and trying to bring in more blue chips to Aggieland. He's a great follow on the Twitter, too. Gig 'em, Day Mack.

REST IN PEACE, LOUIS. You should go read Unbroken if you have not done so. The mortal world lost one hell of a bad ass.


Have a great Thursday, you guys. Tomorrow we wear powdered wigs, eat meat, and blow shit up.