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TCU's Gary Patterson: Austin Hero, Accountant

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The head man of a 4-8 operation earned some major cred in Austin with an astute observation that got all the hangers-on amped for the Stronghorns.

You see, in Austin they mean business. You only have 16 years to win the league twice. Can't handle the heat? Get out of the 40 Acre kitchen, mister. Have a banner year, beat one ranked team, and go 8-4? Get your ass canned and given a cush job in the athletic department. That's how cutthroat things are in Austin, kemosabe. Why do you think Nick Saban passed on $100 million?

It's best to just look at two rivals' 8-4 records in a vacuum and completely neglect things like program trajectory, recruiting, conference strength, etc. By this measure, Patterson's pay cut must have been massive after going 4-8.

Patterson's quote is sure to rally the same burnt orange folks who would prefer to hang athletic department balance sheets as banners at DKR.

Meanwhile, as the HOT TAEK conference posturing continued...

If we're just going to cherry pick hard program standards, just remember, this dolt was canned with a two game winning streak over Texas.



Is the offseason done?