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Daily Bull 7.2.14

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Best of luck, Ishmael. Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Ishmael Wilson will be transferring to Baylor in order to be closer to his mother, who is suffering from kidney failure. Looks like Coach Briles is getting a good one here. Wilson will be applying for a hardship waiver in order to get all four years of eligibility. Gig 'em, Ishmael.

The day after. The 2014 World Cup is over for the USA, but not after a hard fight. Spencer Hall with the perfect tribute to this team's run, and hope.

Who's down with OBC? Go Gamecocks takes a look back at Steve Spurrier's top 10 players he's coached at South Carolina. #'s 1 and 2 are obvious, but the rest of the list is a reminder that he's churned out some damn good football players there. Oh and also NEEDZ MOAR STEPHEN GARCIA.

EZ is correct, as usual.

Have a great Wednesday, folks. Almost to the long weekend.