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USMNT World Cup or Texas A&M Football - who ya got?

Step into the GBH ballot boxes and enjoy the peep show.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer was played this summer. The United States of America is sadly eliminated. We saw our nation's passion/TV ratings/scarves at unprecedented levels.

Yes, today is kind of sucky. But, take heart! We get football in like eight weeks!

What I want to know is which of these scenarios you would prefer. (Before you get smart in the comments, I realize one of the scenarios is now impossible and the other is highly unlikely).

  1. The United States of America wins the 2014 World Cup. Yay! You're drunk and grinding on girls in a bar that hadn't televised a soccer before June 2014. Tim Howard's skull is glistening in the Brazilian heat. Ian Darke is telling you all the things you wish your spouse would tell you in that exotic British accent. Try to vote the way you would as the match was commencing yesterday. -OR-
  2. The 2014 Texas A&M football team inexplicably wins the 2014 Southeastern Conference Championship. Led by a ground attack, a vastly improved D, and titan punting (what up, Drew K), the Ags shock the world and win the league. Dave South is showering himself in boxed wine. You're setting Atlanta on fire. Sumlin kisses Finebaum on the head. You know, the usual.

I thought the choice for everyone was obvious, but Twitter yesterday had me thinking otherwise.

Democracy - the GBH way - aka .gif anarchy in the comments.

Thanks, and gig 'em.