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Daily Bull 7.1.14

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

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WELCOME! If you're a first-timer here, we're happy to have you. cuppy's community post yesterday went over really well, and we're thrilled to see so many new faces. This here's your DB where James and I take turns spouting out whatever we find on the Interwebs that day and just whatever else comes to mind. It's our informal gathering place, especially during the long hot summers leading up to a certain sporting season.

Hey. Hey. Hey you. Hey. Guess what. Hey. Hey. Today is July 1st. Can you hazard a guess on the deeper meaning of this otherwise mundane summer factoid? How about this: WE PLAY A FOOTBALL GAME NEXT MONTH. Find the nearest Ag and give 'em a hearty one of these (try not to make it awkward...on second thought maybe don't try it I think only KK can pull it off actually).

Do you have Comcast? Then this might be the only good news related to that you'll ever hear: it appears they're close to a deal with the SEC Network. DirecTV still seems content to troll the sports-viewing world by remaining non-committal.

Throwback...Tuesday? Check out 11-year old Coach Sumlin hanging with Notre Dame football players. He was even stylish in 5th or 6th grade. Expecting Colorado to print this out and hang it on his fridge.

Have a good one, folks. Let's beat the hell outta this work week so we can see some fireworks.