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YESSIR: Kingsley KeKe (DL) commits to Texas A&M over Texas, OU, Florida

Composite 3-star defensive lineman (according to 247 Sports) Kingsley KeKe committed to the Aggies.

Texas A&M, in need of some good news on the defensive side of the ball, picked up a 2015 commitment from George Ranch defensive tackle Kingsley KeKe on Wednesday.

Story from Premium: Aggies beef up DT pipeline with Keke addition's Wescott Eberts writes:

A 6'3, 290-pounder who has grown from a defensive end as a sophomore, Keke has played in multiple fronts in high school -- with his athleticism, he's a player who can play up and down the line of scrimmage at this time and has the frame and quickness to retain his movement abilities at well over 300 pounds.

In terms of skill level and developmental trajectory, Keke looks a lot like Texas defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway, another former high school defensive end, with his massively powerful lower body.

Keke's punch is evident in one play on his highlight reel that shows him knocking an offensive tackle back into his quarterback before making the play on the passer.

For a young player, he does a nice job of bringing his hands consistently and packs a significant amount of power with them because of his natural strength. When he uses his leverage effectively, it's a combination that is essentially impossible to stop for overmatched opponents.

And he also impacts passing lanes, knowing when to track the eyes of the quarterback and get his hands on the football, something that he does with frequency.