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Introduce Yourself: Good Community Hunting

Good Bull Hunting has 3,330 registered members and we want to meet you all (with some exceptions but they know who they are).


We first invite you to introduce yourself in the comments section on this post. We'd like to keep this rather open-ended, so share whatever you'd like everyone to know about you. We also welcome all community feedback.

Good Bull Hunting has come a long way since we launched right before the 2012 football season. We now see more visitors during a slow offseason week than at the peak of Johnny Football's Heisman season. Our social media presence is growing (this is a plug to follow us on Twitterlike us on Facebookpingle with us on Pinterest, and whatever people do on Instagram). Thank you for sharing our stuff.

We're excited about our expanding audience and aim to improve our community. It's not uncommon for us to have an article with 20,000 visitors and just a handful of comments. While we have a fantastic group of regular commenters (unofficial shoutouts to whoopy, redeyeoneaggie, MaybeACrook, '23 '39 '59 '86 '16, Automatic Eight, Shooter Flatch, Jonfucius,  ArlingtonAg2k, IRA_Darth_Aggie, RangerAggie65, Texas_Aggie, and even Australian Party Kid), we want to open up our community much further. We want to make our newcomers feel welcome, including visitors from other SBNation sites and fellow Aggie participants.

If you are new to GBH or new to the commenting feature:

  1. It's easy to register for Good Bull Hunting. Click Sign Up in the top right corner of your screen. Then you can create an SBNation username or log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Yahoo! accounts.

  2. It's easy to leave comments on an article. They appear at the bottom of every post and on mobile you'll have to choose to reveal them. The "Post A New Comment" area even has some nice formatting tools where you can add links, pictures, text formatting, etc.

  3. If you are logged in and like someone else's comment, hit the "rec" link under their comment. When someone gets 5 recs, the comment turns maroon (or pink). You can also rec a GBH author by clicking the green Rec button at the bottom of the article. Doing that brings it to the attention of so they can promote our work.

  4. Commenting shortcuts will make your stay more pleasurable.

  5. Read the Daily Bull every day and join in on the comments. Here is today's.

  6. Let us know if you have any problems by flagging offensive posts or by emailing us at

Now tell us a little about yourself...