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Daily Bull 6.30.14

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

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MUCH GAME. BIG IMPORT. ESPN's Sam Khan continues ESPN's "Most Important Game" series with a solid breakdown of the Ags' key matchup of the season and guess what: it's that first one. Eight more weeks and a grudgingly-endured half work week away, everyone.

100% Sean. Aggie great and GBH Staff favorite Sean Porter is fully healed after missing his rookie season and doing good things in Cincinnati. Gig 'Em, Sean.

Breaking News Teammates Liked Manziel. It turns out Jake Matthews and Mike Evans enjoyed being on the same team as Johnny Football and claim he even practiced and cared about the team and stuff crazy I know. Cleveland writers, you have no idea what's coming your way. Oh, and you might want to avoid the phrase "former Aggies" as I'm sure there are metaphorical pitchforks being sharpened all across the Internet at this moment.

Weekend update: guys are tired. As noted in the comments, this is not the cakewalk some would have you believe our program is. Perhaps that's why we were able to encourage a certain someone to acknowledge the real current status of recruiting in the State of Texas.


Have a Monday, all.