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Daily Bull 6.3.14


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TRIPLE TAILGATES ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE INTERNETS. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Yes, we were treated to a bonus tailgate. And then another. We love it when cuppycup gets bored/creative/ambitious/high on life. It's inspiring. I'm still looking for that fourth and final betting chip from TG2, by the way.

Ultimately it wasn't enough, as the Ags fell 4-1 last night. That "hit the ball hard and fast through many holes" strategy didn't really work. Stay tuned for JZ's season recap. Though it might just end up being a series of Clint Dempsey goal highlights to get folks pumped up for the World Cup.

That one number what comes between eleven and thirteen. Anyone follow the news? Anyone got an opinion on this Florida State thing? Pretty crazy, yeah? You know I wouldn't let the opportunity to include at least one devastating 'Nole counterargument pass, because I am thorough at times.

Just like dominoes. ESPN reminds us what thousands of internet prognosticators predicted months ago: Kyler Murray's commitment helped recruiting. WHO KNEW? Couple more guys are going to announce July 1st, so stay tuned.

Have a fun Tuesday, all. Sorry there's no TAILGATE today.