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Good Bull Hunting is Going to SEC Media Days

Stay calm. We're just as surprised as you are.

Look out, Birmingham. You are about to be visited by a pair of fine gentlemen from the Great State of Texas who represent one of the most unique college sports outlets in the known world: this here site, Good Bull Hunting.


On July 14, the craziest media event in the world of amateur athletics commences, and GBH will attend as acting members of the media. We mean "acting" as in doing stuff, not pretending. On the scene will be Messrs. DerekAggie06 and Hypno-Toad. They will continue the long-standing tradition of GBH media representation dating all the way back to 2013. Credentialed events include are:

Derek and Hypno-Toad will be on the scene to post any and everything and quickly in case the granting of credentials was a clerical oversight. In any case, we would like to extend our very real gratitude to the SEC for inviting us. We'll be on our best behavior. No, we'll do even better than that.

Be sure to give the guys a follow on Twitter in the next few weeks as they begin gearing up for the show.