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Daily Bull 6.24.14

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Thanksgiving Feast: the big announcement yesterday was the scheduling of Texas A&M and LSU on Thanksgiving night on ESPN. The showdown will feature both teams coming off a bye week but unfortunately the game will fall in the shadow of TCU playing Texas on something called a FS1.

Snoop Lions. We posted about this the other day here, but the comments section got a little off-track for some reason [cough cough]. The Houston Chronicle wrote a more thorough update yesterday with plenty of details on the shoes themselves including:

Yes, this very well could be the first shoe with a grill.

But more interesting was the speculation on the possibility of his son playing football for Baylor. I do think Snoop would have an interesting time navigating Waco. Look how hip this writer is!

Now Snoop Dogg in Waco is an even better prospect. Uncle Willie (Nelson) isn't too far away either. A "gut pak" from Vitek’s Bar-B-Q would probably hit the spot if you were a rapper who had an extreme case of the munchies.

Just more awards. Aggie sprinter Deon Lendore was named a semifinalist yesterday for the Bowerman Award, which honors the best collegiate track & field athletes. Gig 'Em, Deon.

In Movie News... go ahead and tell us who should play Nick Saban in a movie about Alabama football and maybe your Photoshop dreams will come true. (Don't forget to vote in the POWWWWWWLLL.)

Johnny drafted...again. This time by the Harlem Globetrotters.