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Daily Bull 6.23.14

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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Have you heard about this? Apparently we are doing extremely well in recruiting right now, especially within the state of Texas. In fact, there is this thing on "social media" called #WRTS that, according to some reputable news outlets, stands for "we run this state."  Look for more stories on this as it continues to break.

Speaking of social media... there are those among the coaching profession who don't know how to use it, and then there are those who do. Fortunately, Coach Sumlin falls in the latter group. You can write a guest piece here any day, Coach.

Position Rankings: #1 PAWWWWLLL. ESPN's been running these for the SEC for a little while now, and the latest features the Ags as the premiere special teams unit in the country. Do not belittle special teams, as any coach will tell you. Especially Nick Saban or Gus Malzahn. In addition to the greatest punter in the world, we also have a clutch kicker and two pretty good returners coming back.  (DEAR TREY: PLEASE DON'T DO FLIPS THIS YEAR.)

OH GOD AL.COM WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? There is a poll on who should play Nick Saban if there were to be a hypothetical movie made about him, and apparently Gary Busey has been ruled out. You cannot make up. Here are the choices: Al Pacino, Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Josh Brolin, None of these, Sean Penn, Tom Criuse, Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Spacey. Let's examine the field:

First, they named one of the greatest living actors because Nick is the greatest living coach Roll Tide plus he played a coach in a movie before.

Second, I'm glad they specified which Kyle Chandler. There is literally no other Kyle Chandler listed on IMDB or Wikipedia, so good thing they cleared up that they were talking about the one whose entire career is defined by playing a football coach in one of the most successful TV shows ever.

Josh Brolin is a bit of a head-scratcher but he has played a president in a movie and also a cowboy so Roll Tide we'll ignore the Goonies years.

"None of these" makes an appearance at fourth on the list instead of last which makes me think that the first three are the only real choices and the rest were just thrown in there for show.

Sean Penn...what?

Tom Cruise: he's short, you see.

Billy Bob Thornton I see in more of a Steve Spurrier role.

Kevin Spacey: hey he's in that new show about political intrigue which is like coaching PAWWWLLL.

PS- I voted for Billy Bob Thornton just to see the results and "None of these" is currently leading Al Pacino by a very slim margin.

Have a great Monday.