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5-star Greg Little committed to A&M and the Longhorns are still mad or don't care... we're not sure.

Here's a continuation of yesterday's Longhorn meltdown: Greg Little edition.

Ronald Martinez

Texas A&M has picked up commitments from two 5-star recruits in 2 days, and the Longhorns aren't taking it well. Here was their reaction to Damarkus Lodge committing, and today they're discussing OL Greg Little. Enjoy...

5 Stars today, 5 year sentences tomorrow. Aggie recruiting motto

ya that or 5 year contracts. they're whooping us right now

People forget that Rumlin had years on these kids same way CS is all over 2016 kuds.

Nobody expected him to pick UT.

I find it disturbing that nobody expects most of these top prospects to pick Texas.

The standards at UT have certainly been lowered. Have you ever seen a program fall so far so fast, without the NCAA having something to do with it? Almost played for 3 titles in 5 years, to now not even being thought of by the best in its own state. And it's UT, the place most high school kids dream of going to play.

Everyone says that Texas doesn't have any assistant coaches who are truly elite recruiters. I ask, is A&Ms staff filled with stud recruiters? If they are, I haven't heard of them. I think more than coaches is A&M is the cool place to go (which seems odd since they really haven't won anything, college station sucks, aggies are weird as f*ck). I think maybe if we had a few more big name recruiters you'd see a few other commits, but until we turn it around on the field and change our perception compared to A&M, I think we struggle with recruiting

A&M might be a crap product but the $EC isn't.

Aggy is pulling recruits because of negative recruiting, playing in the SEC, and Strong is a new coach, that recruits aren't to sure of yet. Once he has time to show, what his teams can do, it will be a different picture.

I'm scratching my head. Mack Brown was "Mr. February" because of his signing classes. Is Kevin Sumlin now "Mr. June?" All these great commits mean jack squat if they don't even sign with the aggies. There is a whole lot of football to be played before NSD.

True. I'm just sick of reading all these bleeding pussy responses. Mack "Cruise Control" Brown led his team to almost the exact same record as Rumlin and Johnny Football last year.

Patience is a virtue, morons

Wow I guess ATM is the new shinny toy in town lol, kids. Good get for them but can they coach them?

If there is one position I have complete faith in, it's Wickline and the OL.

This is getting older and older every day.

I have been told not to worry about it. I'm wondering when it would be OK to get concerned about the situation.

Looks like aggy is tired on finishing 5th in their own division.

Seriously though, this off-season can't end soon enough.

Sucks. Kids like playing in the SEC and the laid back attitude of Sumlin. The Military / boot camp style is a tough sell when kids haven't seen results on the field.

Only one thing left to do.... drop him from the top 10.

Don't Care about kids who don't want to be here. Only those who do. This was not gong to be turned around over night. This was a year at least turn around project.

Meh...who gives a rats ass?

We'll see how aggy does this year with a true freshman qb starting.

I just hate the way things are going. I just don't get it, other good recruits are one thing but I wish kids would think for themselves about things (that isn't in relation to little, just a few of their recruits in general). College station is terrible....

Nope. Sumlin needs to get his now. because when he rolls off a few bad seasons his train will derail.

I can't believe there is all this bedwetting over a kid who has yet to play his Junior year of high school. Patience people, patience. And last I checked, there is no trophy for recruiting. If that were the case Tennessee and Texas would have won multiple such trophies.

Wow... This is getting out of hand. I hope they get their shit stomped this year. Another 5-6 loss season and I can see all this recruiting momentum going the other way.

Sleeping in planters is very appealing.