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Longhorn meltdown over Damarkus Lodge's commitment to Texas A&M

You have to wonder why Charlie Strong is even offering these kids.

Erich Schlegel

I cherry-picked from threads on Longhorn message boards, so this is only a sampling of comments I thought were funny or sad.

Horns 247

They had a lot of commitments since all the arrest I guess these kids are thinking they can go there and get into trouble and sumlin want do anything and still be on the team.
Agreed, I will start calling them the Lost Boys, not because Texas lost them but because they fell into the snare of never never land and will be trapped there forever.
Hope he likes boring towns, getting harassed by police and sheep. If so he'll love it there.
Talk to me after wyatt commits somewhere.
His reasoning was it's laid back and they're not hard on you. No sh*t you can go to jail and do and sell drugs and still be on the team def not hard on you.
College Station PD is going to need to increase the size of their holding cells if Sumlin keep up with this recruiting surge...
Lots of folks wondering who these Aggies are. Good recruiters? Good coaches? Good team? Good conference? Dennis Green said it best, "they are who we say they are," and we say they're dog shit.
I just can't help but question someone's intelligence when they choose to live in College Station over other, worthwhile options. And this goes for everyone, not just athletes at A&M. One of life's great mysteries.

future transfer candidate
John Burt is better.
How long before he's in jail?

That was my thought exactly. Speedy wasn't on campus six weeks before he had his first run-in with the cops, when he was out partying with the two armed robbers Sumlin was carrying on the squad.

I read somewhere the crime/drugs attrition from Sumlin's 2013 class is up to 9, so I'm guessing aggy will sign between 30 and 35 in the 2015 class. The pitch that the kids can take mostly, if not entirely online classes, not have to worry about being drug tested and the promise of early playing time because the character problems in the team has created holes in the two deep roster is a lot more attractive than 5:30am workouts, having to show up for class and sit in the front and a low tolerance for drugs.

At the end of the day, I don't blame the kids that need a school like aggy for going there. No one thinks Damarkus Lodge is going to get an education or a degree from aggy. Hopefully he doesn't become another aggy crime stat and he makes the most of his opportunity.

Do they hold private lunches for the new commits to get to know the police since they missed the banquet earlier.
how did the #1 wr from Texas the #1 prep wr and the #1 wr from cali work out for you guys?
Its one talented WR in a talent rich state. People crying over this need to get off their menstrual cycle, cleanse then cleanse again
$#@! him, and his $#@!ty work ethic. If that is why he committed to Rumlin, then he couldn't handle 1/2 a workout with Moorer. He probably wouldn't have lasted long on the team anyway.

I think John Burt is a better prospect and looking at 16 with Coling Johnson we are set.
I could care less. Texas has the better coach and we are a better program in the long run. Texas will play in and win a national title before aggy even sniffs a SEC championship.
Have fun in the cow pasture known as College Station. You will forever be know as an aggy, which is something you can never overcome.
The last thing I'm worried about is landing wide receivers -- they can be found anywhere and in abundance. We need to land some guys that can get them the ball and beef up both lines, period.
I don't think Strong was high on this kid
My impression was that he liked dancin' and hoorah more than anything. He can get that there. I doubt he has a clue about how many championships AM hasn't won.
Texas does have a better coach, that can be argued with actual skins on the wall. We all know Texas is a better program in the long run. And, until aggy finishes better than 6th in their conference, which they have not done yet, there is no real reason to keep crying like a baby. We did what we needed to do to turn things around at our program. Control what you can control, that is all we can do.
Would rather we get Burt, he's a lot better receiver.

Running with that theme, we could reference Louisville's three first-round picks a month ago, the two highest of which were 3-stars and one that was a high school quarterback turned NFL defensive lineman. Y'know, actual concrete evidence of the belief and approach you're mocking.

Or we could blubber like pussies in June, a mere eight months and a full football season from signing day. That certainly seems like the reasonable, logical outlook. At the very least, the numbing repetitiveness of it shows a true commitment. What. An. F-ing. Whipping.