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Aggie Polo Giveaway: Win an Adidas Golf Polo from Aggieland Outfitters

You need more shirts with Texas A&M's Lonestar logo, and the best shirts are free shirts.


Aggieland Outfitters wants to fill your offseason with free gear, so text GOODBULL to 99000 by 3:00 pm CT on Friday to enter our contest to win this Adidas Golf polo. If you need further motivation to enter, here's a list of other things that have cool horizontal stripes:

  • Waldo
  • Striped Bass
  • Peppermint Sticks
  • Prison Jumpsuits (hi, CSPD)
  • Football Fields

If you are fat, the stripes will make you look slimmer. If you're scrawny, they'll fill you out. Dr. Oz verified this information.

Enter to win then leave a comment about what items you'd like Aggieland Outfitters to give away in the future. They are watching. Always watching.

Here's a direct link to the polo and some more views of the shirt: