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Daily Bull 6.19.14

"I worked the rigs from three to midnight... On the corpus Christi Bay... I'd get off and drink till daylight... Sleep the morning away... I had a plan to take my wages... Leave the rigs behind for good... But that life it is contagious... And it gets down in your blood" - REK. 70 days until we dump gasoline all over Columbia, y'all.

Ethan Miller

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FIRST RULE ABOUT #WRTS. Don't talk about #WRTS. Coach YESSIR Smooth was asked about the internet thing #WRTS and acknowledged that, yes, it is a thing and yes, if you keep asking him about it, you'll be cruisin' for a bruisin'.

SEC DEFENSE POSITION RANKINGS. Gang, managing expectations in life is a nice little key to happiness. You'll probably never get to drink legally on the back porch of Northgate ever again and we're going to suck on defense this year. I'm talking a 1979 Subaru BRAT hemmed together with twine and duct tape. Many of you are going to want Mark Snyder axed. Just know that this is what he is working with:

It's going to hurt. Help feels like it's a million miles away, but rest assured, it's coming. It's muthafuckin' coming by way of a blue chip tractor trailer that was put on this earth to wreck shit in the Southeastern Conference.

YOU'RE VETERANS NOW, MEN. ACT LIKE IT. Friend of GBH Sam Khan (kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn) Jr. examines the second year players on the roster poised for breakouts (Hi, Jay Arnold).

GIVE AND TAKE. If you're bargaining with your wife on the possibility of a gorgeous, tropical vacation to Columbia, South Carolina on August 28th, may I recommend Charleston for the weekend after the game? It's a lovely town that wimin seem to really find fetching. Like managed expectations, trade offs are a part of life. GBH: not just dick jokes but a road map for life. Anyway, a fella from the Charleston newspaper previewed the Ags. According to him, the loss of Matt Joeckel was akin to losing Joe Montana.

Have a bang up Thursday, y'all. Columbia is close. Toast an Ag.