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Daily Bull 6.18.14

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

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HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND. Airwaves were atwitter yesterday with Kirk Bohls reporting that Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt says the schools are open to playing each other in the future: "2020 or beyond." Eric Hyman in turn said that

it wasn't on his radar but not out of the question either.

Here's what you do, Mr. Hyman. You find that radar and build a 500 foot tall wall around it to prevent that from ever making its way onto the radar. If it does show up at the fringe of the radar, you blast it with some kind of ion cannon that our engineers have developed. Crush the idea it like a frail beetle beneath the treads of a tank. Have you ever been to Lubbock, Mr. Hyman? No? You are #blessed, then. Save yourself while there is time. In short, say this.

I think I may have tipped my hand regarding feelings on this subject. What do you think about playing them (other than in a bowl game)?

Coaching talk. Sumlin spoke last night at the Tarrant County A&M Club's Coach's Night, and while he of course would not give any insight on the quarterback situation, he did offer a glimpse at one of the other aspects of coaching we rarely hear much about:

Asked about the difficulty of dismissing two starters, Sumlin said: "I don’t weigh it as far as our defense. I weigh it as far as when you have a mom in your office who is crying because in 17 years, she couldn’t get it the right way. And in 12 months, you couldn’t either. The human side of it becomes a lot harder than the football side of it."

Read more here:

Something to think about before rushing to judgement when we read about these situations.

Cashin' out. Congrats on that contract, John.


Have a quick Wednesday, folks.