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Daily Bull 6.17.14

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Real academic talk. decided to go ahead and ask the burning question that is on literally dozens of minds right now: why can't football players major in football? That's a slippery slope, Mr. Scarbinski. If we're going to talk about majoring in something students spend much of their time doing already, the possibilities are virtually limitless. I could have majored in any of the following subjects:

  • foosball
  • pizza delivery driving
  • drinking cheap beer in the afternoon
  • N64 Goldeneye multiplayer (with a focus on proximity mines in the stacks)
  • the cultural impact of the television show Saved by the Bell via countless reruns

Scarbinski is saying (in a way) that by having a football major, players who might not make it playing football could still be employed within football. But doesn't that happen already? And wouldn't having a more specialized background be more of an asset in a football organization? Fun discussion time!

The chess game continues. The Spurrier-savvy Gamecock media seems to have sensed a kindred spirit in Sumlin, as they continue to build up to the game in August 28.

"Coach Spurrier has been really quiet this summer which means that he thinks South Carolina is going to be really good," Sumlin told reporters last week.

Read more here:

This should be one of the more fun media matchups of the year.

FREEDOM. Even if you don't love the kickyball, you've gotta appreciate this.



Have a wonderful Tuesday, all.