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Adidas Uniform System at Texas A&M's Bright Football Complex

I visited the Bright Football Complex to check out the new Adidas uniform creator and have lunch at the R.C. Slocum Nutrition Center.

Everything is changing with Aggie Football and the Bright Football Complex is no exception. The interior transformation since I last visited the complex in August 2013 is astonishing. As I entered the lobby, I quickly noticed two Adidas System touchscreen units which allow users to customize a Texas A&M football uniform. Enter your name, pick your number, then mix-and-match a variety of helmets, jerseys, compression tops, gloves, pants, cleats, armbands, and socks. I didn't notice any Zubaz patterns though.





The lobby prominently displays the Heisman trophies of Johnny Manziel ('12) and John David Crow ('57). There are lots of other player and team awards on display along with gloves representing Aggies in the NFL. A cool video display showing highlights serves as a centerpiece, and the backdrop includes a huge illuminated SEC logo.





I think recruits are gonna like this place.