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Johnny Manziel bought a shot of Fireball and a Miller Lite for everyone at a Northgate bar

Johnny gets us, he really does.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel bought a round of Fireball and Miller Lite for everyone at Chimy's when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night. You may recall my famous incident with Fireball at the GBH Meetup, so Johnny Manziel is clearly my spirit animal.

Here is an excerpt from the Dallas Morning News:

He bought everyone of drinking age in Chimy’s Cerveceria, his favorite bar (203 University Drive) in College Station, a Miller Lite and a Fireball shot.

Petro Robledo, the general manager, said he is friends with Manziel, who dropped in last week to say hello and set up the celebratory round. Manziel left his credit card number at the bar, with the plan of spending about $2,000 – as a nod to his famous No. 2 jersey.

Robledo said about 250 people were at the venue for the draft-watching party and about 122 received the beer and shot.