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Daily Bull 5.9.14

Kill that warm keg of Draft beer this morning. It's a long off season and you need some relief.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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SCOPE THE HOMEPAGE. No really. The GBH homepage is loaded up with all the Jake, Johnny, and Mike details you need. That was a lot of action and noise last night. So much hot air [passes out in Lake Erie][catches on fire]. Truth is, we're just waking up. A Koppe Bridge burger and a few lunch pitchers should get us back to neutral for more insults and tomfoolery.

BROWNS FANS LOST THEIR SHIT. This is pretty great video footage of a Browns' draft party. Many folks commented that Johnny looked disappointed to be going to Cleveland when he got the call from the owner last night. What I saw was a 21 year old mesmerized and overwhelmed by the moment. He probably had a good idea of how it was going to feel to get drafted, but there is no way to exactly brace yourself for that kind of theater. All the while, the chip on the shoulder grows. Kind of makes him a good fit with the city of Cleveland, doesn't it?

SIGNAGE. This is the second time a massive shot of Johnny's mug has graced Times Square.

SEC IS NFL JR. The Southeastern Conference had 11 guys drafted last night falling just shy of last year's first round record of 12.


Texas A&M alone has had five Top 10 picks in the last four years. Staggering. How's about we start winning 'ships in Aggieland while these studs are on campus? Good? Cool.

WHO'S NEXT? Coach KDS did a Q&A with ESPN chalk full of some recruiting nuggets. His candor is great - allow for an early signing period, allow for spring recruiting on the road, etc.

BEISBOL IN FAYETTENAM. The surprisingly hot baseballers open their final road series of the regular season tonight in Fayetteville. Zimmermann is going to dish up the goods later, so get jacked. #nobunts #expensivebeer

Have a great weekend, y'all. I hope you, yours, and the Aggie football team stays out of the hole.