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Daily Bull 5.7.14

Aloha, Dr. Camacho. Bloglyfe that offseason in the Hawaiian sun.


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The good Doctor is on vacation for a spell, so you get extra rubbish from Uncle Colorado.

TRANSFERRING TO 'NEXT OPPORTUNITY UNIVERSITY'. Junior Jamal Jones is transferring from the basketball program.

I can only presume that "aggleland" is the name of the Narnia hell that tries to resemble basketball in College Station. Jones led the team in scoring at 13.4 ppg and 16 ppg in league play.

SIDESTEPS THE MISTAKE ON THE LAKE. According to multiple 'insiders', Johnny will not be drafted by the Cleveland Browns. cup made a video, and someone in Cleveland has internet.

Or Oakland...

Glazer is a nutcase, but he's usually right with this stuff. At it's core, the idea of drafting is really jacked. Imagine if that happened to you - "congrats on graduating top of your class in petroleum engineering at Texas A&M. You're off to Buffalo!". I graduated middle of my class in sport management, so I'd be a water boy for the Montreal Alouettes.

MORE DRAFT BEAUTY. Ranger is doing the yeoman's work and dishing some excellent analysis on Ags sure to be drafted. Scope these babies:

SEC NFL FACTORIES. Which SEC programs have produced the most NFL draft picks over the last decade?Saturday Down South examines.

POWER RANKINGS IN MAY ARE IRONCLAD. It's internet science that the content that produces the most clicks and outrage are power rankings. As such, ESPN has their SEC power rankings up post-spring.

Have a big Wednesday, y'all.